Zooballoo Cricut Cartridge Review

Zooballoo Cricut Cartridge Review

Zooballoo by David Walker is a cartridge that features – what else? – animals accompanying letters! In a wonderful, creative twist, Zooballoo combines the two, ending up with zany combinations of animals peeking out of individual letters. Aside from that, there are a couple of other unique features associated with the cartridge. First of all, the font is asymmetrical and informal, so the wackiness speaks for itself. Each letter may be accompanied by a certain distinct shape of an animal, from crocodiles, to lions to giraffes, or one may choose a distinctly different style such as Silhouette, Box, Card, Lower/Layer Shadow, Shadow and more. Those are examples of the special features only Zooballoo has. There are even phrases and scenes that can be cut, such as “It’s a party” or a series of mountains and/or waves.

The package comes with four equally important components: the cartridge itself, the manual, the keypad overlay and the binder. One can get to work immediately after laying down the keypad and installing the cartridge. Made by David Walker, a painter and artist all his life, Zooballoo reflects his former work on children’s books and greeting cards. He has had a special affection for dogs, cats and kids, and thus mostly dedicates the Zooballoo style to them.

Indeed, what better way to use Zooballoo than to cut out cute, animal-styled fonts for the most important child in one’s life? The catridge can be mostly used for greeting cards, invitations and scrapbook pages meant for children or animal-appreciating adults. Specifically, one has the perfect font when he or she wants to scrapbook a day in the zoo. Anything that has to do with animals already has the perfect font to complement wonderful pictures or drawings of various creatures.

All in all, an extensive myriad of styles can be used when dealing with Zooballoo. Want to jazz up a letter? Then place the shape of an animal next to, around, or in it. One can position the animal or style anywhere in such a way that customization is very much possible. A person doesn’t even have to use letters with animals all the time; he or she can just use animals and put them in colourful shapes. The inverse is also true when it comes to letters. All in all, the Zooballoo Cricut cartridge is the perfect cartridge for wacky people and animal-lovers everywhere.

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