Word Builders: A Garden of Words Cricut Cartridge Review

Word Builders: A Garden of Words Cricut Cartridge Review

The Word Builders: A Garden of Words cartridge was created by Heather Lancaster of Calgary, Alberta, Canada whose passion for anything involving glueing, cutting, drawing as well as collecting all sorts of paper. The artwork she manages to create has since made its way off the family fridge and into scrapbooks and other decorative sticker and paper products manufactured by Provo Craft. If you are wondering what features come with the Word Builders: a Garden of Words cartridge, then here’s a quick list; Flower, Puzzle, Flowerpot, Caterpillar Blackout, Birdhouse, and Flowerpot Blackout.

Because of its garden-based theme, this cartridge is perfect for use on outdoor related projects such as creating labels for a mini-garden or perhaps creating your own personal plant book where you and your kids can write down all the new kinds of plant life you discover in your garden. It would make for an incredibly fun way of documenting your discoveries. Of course, its uses aren’t limited to that alone. With the eye-catching colors and shapes, you can use it in a wide variety of ways such as teaching children garden related words and helping them formulate sentences through using the different shapes available.

Some of the whimsical shapes you’ll find in this cartridge include a jolly little snail, a potted flower plant, picket fences, a brown bird, a red flower, a blue butterfly, leaves, an assortment of flowers and even some green grass. It really makes it easier for you to construct your own mini garden through this cartridge. So if you like to add pretty cut outs and designs to your scrapbook or simply beautify family albums and add flair to the cards you send out every year, this would surely come in handy.

The letters are cleverly hidden in parts of a caterpillar’s body so every time you put a set together in order to create a word, you would be able to form a very lengthy caterpillar as well! The caterpillar is made up of various words and colors that any kid would surely enjoy reading and seeing. The cartridge also provides you with great phrases along with the various letters it already has. Among these phrases are: “growing minds”, “the early bird catches the word”, “reading inch by inch” and “word power”. These would make for simple but really cute tag lines or headers to the various artworks that you’d be able to create with the Garden Of Words Cricut cartridge. It also helps that the phrases themselves use very kid friendly fonts and are just as whimsical as the characters themselves. Your children would surely adore them.

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