Wedding Solutions Cricut Cartridge Review

Wedding Solutions Cricut Cartridge Review

The Wedding Solutions cartridge from Cricut has fifty characters that are universally recognized to indicate a wedding or anything related to wedding ceremonies. Examples are the bride and groom, wedding rings, wedding bells tied up by ribbons, the wedding cake, a wedding gift, the bridal car, intertwined hearts, doves, and flowers. Even the wardrobe is also represented with characters for the wedding dress, the tuxedo, the bouquet, a top hat, a tiara, and a high-heeled shoe. Religious symbols are also included such as a wedding chapel and the cross. There are also other characters that one can use like an umbrella, a dainty basket, a champagne fountain, swan, and even a tongue-in-cheek ball and chain character. Layouts that one can use to base tags, invitations and gift boxes are also included. Each cartridge package comes with a keypad overlay and can be used in both the Cricut Machine and the Cricut Expression Machine.

Two keys on the upper left portion of the keypad overlay indicate the Shadow and Blackout special features of the Wedding Solutions Cartridge. The Shadow feature will cut out a larger shadow image in proportion to the selected character. The Blackout feature will cut out a solid version of the character’s shape. One can use different combination of the base, shadow and blackout rendering of a character to make a unique design. The user will also notice that for each character key, there are versions of each character in black and gray. Selecting the Real Dial size key will result in both black and gray characters cut in the same size. Cutting at a larger size will bring out more of a character’s details.

The Wedding Solutions cartridge is a very helpful and versatile tool one can rely on to make wedding paraphernalia like invitations, gift tags, place cards, wedding decor, wedding songbook, small tokens for wedding giveaways, and thank you notes from the couple. Even invitations to pre-wedding events like the engagement dinner, rehearsal dinner, and bachelorette party can be produced using this cartridge. Many years after the wedding, a wedding anniversary card or invitation can even be made from this. The Wedding Solutions cartridge is so versatile that some icons may be used even for non-wedding products. The flowers, umbrella, swan, shoe, basket and candle look generic enough to be used for invitations to other events like birthdays, sleepovers and anniversaries, a get well soon card, a birthday card, or a scrapbook.

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