Teardrop Cricut Cartridge Review

Teardrop Cricut Cartridge Review

More and more surprises await paper crafting enthusiasts as new designs of cartridge are starting to pop out in the market nowadays. One of the most recent cartridges is the teardrop Cricut cartridge that will surely be an instant hit among art fanatics.

This cartridge is easy to use and has several features that will boost one’s art work. It comes in an easy to operate keypad overlay that includes more special features that will surely enhance anybody’s masterpiece.

The teardrop cartridge usually includes alpha-numeric patterns and other basic shapes. These letters, numbers and symbols were styled in such a way that the over-all design will look and fit into the description of modern art. The designer of this cartridge emphasized curls and lines in the pattern, as well as some bolder parts in the letters and numbers. It is a unique cartridge that can go well in any art work.

More about the creator of the cartridge

Heather Lancaster is the creative graphic designer behind the teardrop cartridge designs. Her passion on art and artworks flourished from the time she learned about paper crafts during her kindergarten years. Now that she is a professional, she imparted her skills and talents to her children as well as to the kids enrolled in kindergarten in their local community. Her obsession for her hobby became a key to her success as an art master herself, and paved way for her to create her own cartridge design for the whole world to use in doing paper crafting.

Special features

The tear drop Cricut cartridge is unique in its own. Letters and numbers were formed in such a way that will be versatile to use. Whether the project is for formal occasion or for hobby purposes, the patterns on the cartridge are very applicable.

The real dial size button on the keypad overlay allows the user to increase the pattern size. And as a general rule, the bigger the pattern, the more prominent its design will be. There are also two foundation keys found on the keypad and this provides the base figure for the project. One of this foundation key is the square shape for base figures, and it is an ideal companion for any other creative feature.

Some of the creative features of the teardrop cartridge are square, alpha clips, drop less, shadow, and shadow blackout. These features provide highlight to the any art project.

When to use the teardrop cartridge

This cartridge is perfect to use when making greeting cards, notebook covers, diary covers, scrapbooks, posters, banners, and in school art projects so use it on your next teardrop projects.

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