Disney Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge

Along with many other Disney designs and creations comes the Disney Mickey font cartridge. This font cartridge contains all letters of the alphabet including numbers and special characters and punctuation marks. Along with this exciting font cartridge from Provo Craft are special features such as the Mickey Tag, Mickey Charm, Mickey font silhouette, the End Caps, the Mickey font shadow, and the End Caps shadow.

Word Builders: A Garden of Words Cricut Cartridge Review

The Word Builders: A Garden of Words cartridge was created by Heather Lancaster of Calgary, Alberta, Canada whose passion for anything involving glueing, cutting, drawing as well as collecting all sorts of paper. The artwork she manages to create has since made its way off the family fridge and into scrapbooks and other decorative sticker and paper products manufactured by Provo Craft. If you are wondering what features come with the Word Builders: a Garden of Words cartridge, then here’s a quick list; Flower, Puzzle, Flowerpot, Caterpillar Blackout, Birdhouse, and Flowerpot Blackout.