Street Sign Solutions Cricut Cartridge Review

The Cricut Street Sign Solutions cartridge has the whole alphabet in both lower and upper case letters. Also included are punctuation marks, numbers, and basic traffic signs and outlines. The letters, numbers, and punctuation marks are in a simple, smooth, easily read font typical of actual street signs. The letters and shapes can be cut to sizes from 1” up to 5.5” tall, while the outlines can be as big as 11.5”. Materials such as paper, vellum, cardstock, parchment and the like can be used. The cartridge comes with a keypad overlay.

Storybook Cricut Cartridge Review

The Storybook cartridge was designed by Deena Rutter, and its characters are based on storybook-style lettering and are inspired by fairytale images. The shapes on this cartridge are best used for crafting children’s greeting cards, notebooks, reading and alphabet flash cards, bulletin boards, and scrapbooks (which may be made to look like personalized storybooks). Storybook’s shapes can also be utilized in coming up with props for children’s make-believe games or parties.

Sesame Street Font Cricut Cartridge Review

The Sesame Street Font Cricut cartridge, created by Provo Craft together with Sesame Workshop, is a fun and fitting complement to the Sesame Street Friends cartridge. Like the Sesame Street Friends cartridge, the Sesame Street Font set is best used for decorating nurseries, playrooms or daycare centers, and preschool classrooms, just to name a few. This cartridge is also perfect for making kids’ scrapbooks, notebooks, and fun greeting cards.

Cricut Keystone Cricut Cartridge Review

Cricut Keystone cartridge is a basic font cartridge. This specific cartridge has the upper case letters of the alphabet and numbers nine through zero. The creative feature it has is the cutouts having shadow which enables easy layering of each of the characters. Labeling is the most common reason why people like font cartridges.

Stone Script Solutions Cricut Cartridge Review

The Cricut Stone Script Solutions cartridge has the complete alphabet in both lower and upper case. The numerical digits from 0 to 9 are also included as well as basic punctuation marks, mathematical equation symbols, and a few currency symbols. There check mark and upwards characters are also included.

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