Jubilee Cricut Cartridge Review

Jubilee cartridge is another font cartridge from Provo Craft. It has a complete set of alphabet, numbers, common punctuation marks, symbols, icons, and phrases. Other creative features included in the package are that of flags and villages icons. This package is appropriate for mothers who do simple scrapbooks and other projects. You’ll also love how [...]

Printing Press Cricut Cartridge Review

The Printing Press Cartridge is one of the most innovative and unique cartridges that one will ever find. Consisting of various fonts, emblems and designs, people into arts and crafts will be impressed by the diversity offered all in one pack, with a common yet easily customizable theme. There are regular characters, yes, but for the more artistic people, there are also tall characters, clips, frames, shadows and tall, shadowed characters. The list goes on.

Makin’ the Grade Cricut Cartridge Review

The Makin the Grade cartridge allows creativity and lots of fun especially when used to design albums and scrapbooks and all other creative materials that kids and adults love doing. The Makin’ the Grade font features all the letters in the alphabet both big and small, all numbers, and it also includes all special characters as well as punctuation marks. Aside from the characters, other special shapes are included such as hearts, stars, apples, and more.

Disney Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge

Along with many other Disney designs and creations comes the Disney Mickey font cartridge. This font cartridge contains all letters of the alphabet including numbers and special characters and punctuation marks. Along with this exciting font cartridge from Provo Craft are special features such as the Mickey Tag, Mickey Charm, Mickey font silhouette, the End Caps, the Mickey font shadow, and the End Caps shadow.

Printing 101 Cricut Cartridge Review

People who love working with their hands and creating beautiful things from their ideas will definitely appreciate the versatility of the Printing 101 art cartridge. This cartridge, designed by Cecelia Harris, was created for use with either of the two Cricut cutting machines (Personal Electronic Cutter and Expressions Cutting Machine).

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