Makin’ the Grade Cricut Cartridge Review

The Makin the Grade cartridge allows creativity and lots of fun especially when used to design albums and scrapbooks and all other creative materials that kids and adults love doing. The Makin’ the Grade font features all the letters in the alphabet both big and small, all numbers, and it also includes all special characters as well as punctuation marks. Aside from the characters, other special shapes are included such as hearts, stars, apples, and more.

Plantin’ Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge Review

The holiday break has been long gone and school is here to stay. Once again, we help our children dust their schoolbooks, bring out their uniforms and school clothes and shop for their school supplies. Once again, we painstakingly label each and every one of their notebooks, pencil cases, and text books. And once again, we hear them tell us to “make it cooler”, to add heart shapes and flowers to boring, square name tags.