Stone Script Solutions Cricut Cartridge Review

Stone Script Solutions Cricut Cartridge Review

The Cricut Stone Script Solutions cartridge has the complete alphabet in both lower and upper case. The numerical digits from 0 to 9 are also included as well as basic punctuation marks, mathematical equation symbols, and a few currency symbols. There check mark and upwards characters are also included. The characters come in an elegant and graceful font with a certain calligraphy feel. The Stone Script Solutions Cartridge can be used in both original Cricut and Cricut Expression machines. The Cricut machine can cut up to 5.5 inches character size, while the Cricut Expression machine can cut characters as big as 23 inches. The keypad overlay is included in the cartridge package.

The two keys on the upper left corner of the keypad overlay indicate the special features functions available for this cartridge. The Stone Script Solutions have the Shadow and Shadow Blackout features. The Shadow feature makes a proportionally larger shadow image of each character selected. The key will light up in green if this feature is being in use. The Shadow Blackout feature on the other hand also creates a larger shadow image in proportion to a selected character but the result will be more solid. The empty spaces inside a character of the alphabet will be blacked out. A green backlight of the Shadow Blackout key will also be on when this feature is activated. To turn off any feature, just press either the indicated feature key for the second time or the Reset All key.

The Stone Script Solutions cartridge also has the Real Dial Size option. If this key is pressed, a selected character will be cut exactly to the size indicated by the user. Otherwise, the character will be cut in proportion to the Key Height Character, which is indicated either in red or encircled in the handbook. Some users will find that they prefer how the characters turn out when cut in a dial size larger than those based on the Key Height Character.

There are limitless possibilities on projects one can make with the Stone Script Solutions cartridge. The elegantly designed font is good for invitations to semi-formal or more formal events. Some examples are invitations to a classic garden wedding, graduation party, or a beloved daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday celebration. The thank you cards to be sent out eventually by the newlyweds or the birthday and graduation celebrants can also be made from this cartridge. Home decorations and scrap books can also be made prettier accented by characters made from the Stone Script Solutions cartridge.

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