Speaking of Winter Cricut Cartridge Review

Speaking of Winter Cricut Cartridge Review

Do you love decorating your albums with various cut outs and souvenirs from the recent vacation or trip you just had? How about decorating them according to season such as summer or winter? Provo Craft has come up with a brilliant solution for this. You no longer need to cut-out magazine photos or letters from various publications in order to achieve the look you want. Their Speaking of Winter cartridge would allow craft buffs like yourself to create some of the prettiest scrapbook art with ease. The character’s on this fantastic cartridge were created by Marie Cole who, admits, that she has always been creative and loves to draw. In fact, she has done tole painting, card making, home décor as well as scrapbooking. The very wintry theme of the cartridge can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some:

1. You could use them to create cards which you can send to friends. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the effort you’ve put into making them a handmade card.

2. You can also use them to decorate your winter vacation album. What better way to express how much fun you had than with the jolly characters found in the cartridge.

3. If you are a kindergarten or pre-school teacher, you can initiate changing the décor of the classroom with your students using the various decorative alphabet provided in the cartridge. It’s a surefire fun activity.

Some of the creative features included in the cartridge are: Layers, Snow Tag, Card, Tri-fold card, Shadow and Layers shadow. All of which can be layered with the two foundation characters provided with the set as well. It’s certainly a fun time creating various layers and decoration styles.

From pretty snowflakes, snow covered pine trees to cheerful snowmen, the Speaking of Winter Cricut cartridge is brimming with everything you need to create that perfect scrapbook artwork, the prettiest photo album, a very wintry greeting card or simply use them to inject a bit of winter’s fun atmosphere to your everyday items such as your notepad or photo frames. The possibilities for its use are only limited by your own creativity and imagination. The alphabet comes in two varying styles. The first style is reminiscent of ice and is colored a pale blue whilst the second style is a more colorful one and features various winter themes such as a couple of snowmen to form the letter H, a purple scarf that twists to resemble the letter L, a snow boot in the shape of the letter J, snowflakes in lieu of the letter O and so on. It really is a feast for the imagination, and there is no end to the Speaking of Winter projects you can do.

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