Printing 101 Cricut Cartridge Review

Printing 101 Cricut Cartridge Review

People who love working with their hands and creating beautiful things from their ideas will definitely appreciate the versatility of the Printing 101 art cartridge. This cartridge, designed by Cecelia Harris, was created for use with either of the two Cricut cutting machines (Personal Electronic Cutter and Expressions Cutting Machine). It includes upper and lower case fonts of the alphabet as well as numbers and several punctuation marks. The cartridge has a total of 12 shapes and nine words. It also features six creative function keys, namely: shadow, shadow blackout, instructions, notebook, puzzle and tile.

This cartridge is best used for educational purposes, so use this for your next Printing 101 project. It includes basic math symbols in addition to its regular icon keys. It also has very useful teacher helper characters, which makes it even more ideal for classroom use. Each icon key has two images and these images may be selected by directly pressing the icon key for the image on the left and pressing the shift key before pressing the icon key if you want the image on the right. For times when you want to save time by printing several images at a time, just press on the shift lock key before selecting the images that you want.

The creative function keys may be used by pressing on a design before selecting the CUT button. This will result in your image being printed according to the design that you chose. This is where you can use your imagination and creativity. You have to decide how best to use the special function keys and make careful combinations since each design will not work well with all characters in the cartridge due to their different sizes and shapes. By customizing your characters you can make the design uniquely yours.

The Printing 101 Cricut cartridge also comes with two Foundation Keys, which create either a solid version of a creative feature image or a proportional image that can be paired with a creative feature. The shapes that you create with these keys may be used as layers and may be made more attractive when combined with another shape or perhaps a phrase. Furthermore, you can choose the size of the images that you are going to print. The cartridge has a Real Dial function that allows you to print all selected images in the dial size that you specified. The set of characters in a cartridge has a key height and if you do not press the Real Dial option then the images will be printed in proportion to the key height.

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