Plantin’ Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge Review

Plantin’ Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge Review

The holiday break has been long gone and school is here to stay. Once again, we help our children dust their schoolbooks, bring out their uniforms and school clothes and shop for their school supplies. Once again, we painstakingly label each and every one of their notebooks, pencil cases, and text books. And once again, we hear them tell us to “make it cooler”, to add heart shapes and flowers to boring, square name tags. They ask us to write their names on their notebooks in different fonts that express their personality. We’re in for the long, hard haul of pushing our children to find joy in studying again. Is there no easy way to make learning fun and easy for both children and their educators (be it parents or teachers) as well?

Fret no more; the Plantin’ Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge created by brilliant Cecelia Harris will do the trick for you! With a font that you can modify six ways, it also includes different kinds of designs that include Tall Ball, Italic, Rolypoly, End Caps, Shadow and End Caps Shadow, you’ll be able to make those designs that’ll make your child forget his/her school blues and jump with glee. It also includes special creative features like tags, envelopes, cards, bags, basic shapes and a how-to manual written by Cecelia herself. It’s the perfect tool for teachers and parents alike! With the Plantin’ Schoolbook Cartridge, learning (and teaching!) will never be dull again!

The Plantin’ Schoolbook Cartridge is also great for teachers raring to make another year of education enjoyable and interesting. The features of this cartridge will aid educators in making their lesson plans, readings and other school materials look appealing to students. Also, you’ll be able to make your own envelopes for school reports and letters to parents. You can even use the medal shape, a special feature available in the cartridge, to make certificates and awards for your students! Hobbyists and artsy people will also enjoy making their own paper bags with this new cartridge. The examples mentioned are only a few of what you can do!

So, add this cartridge to your shopping cart now so you can take part in great Plantin’ Schoolbook projects. It is available to you for the reasonable price. With the school season in full swing, you certainly won’t regret it. In fact, you and your children will find yourselves using it even way into the summer and holidays!

Note: This product is not sold separately and comes with Cricut Expression machine.

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