Paper Pups Cricut Cartridge Review

Paper Pups Cricut Cartridge Review

Dog-lovers everywhere will rejoice at the coming of this adorable, wild cartridge: Paper Pups! At first glance, one will already be entranced by the cute cartoon puppies staring out of their paper cages. All sorts of dogs are covered by Paper Pups, with recognizable breeds like poodles, terriers and greyhounds. However, there is a fair share of dogs in action. Want jump dogs, flying dogs, hugging dogs, smiling dogs, or dogs taking care of their young? This catridge has it all and more, including familiar pet-related phrases like “Hot dog”, “Walk?” and “Woof”. Other familiar shapes like bones, fire hydrants and doghouses also finish off the set quite nicely. The package really is complete, and yet, there’s more: one can stick to the solid, original cut-out of a dog or he or she can choose to put that dog in a shape – like a circle. There are also card versions and bordered versions (like putting rows of one picture of dogs), shadows and blackouts, wherein only the shape of the dog is evident.

The maker of the cartridge, David Walker, has been dealing with dogs and drawings all his life. It’s only natural for the two vastly different hobbies to meet, and Paper Pups is the product of all his effort and dedication. He has worked on children’s books, greeting cards, scrapbook papers and gift wrap, spending much of his time with children and pets. His simplistic, doodle-styled artwork is reflective of the zaniness he experiences (but utterly loves) almost every single day.

Paper Pups Cricut cartridge can be applied to almost any art project. It is not strictly a font with specific letters, but it makes up for that by making all sorts of variations available. Rest assured, one will not get bored trying out a different effect or shape every time, making sure that no one puppy is ever truly the same. One can use the cartridge for any dog-lover or child when it comes to scrapbook pages, greeting cards and invitations. Or use it for scrapbooking a page dedicated to the family dog! The cuteness of it all will truly inflect on all the familiar times and moments anyone has shared with their favorite canine, whether just walking them or playing crazy games together. By decorating the page with all of those sweet little puppies, anyone who sees them won’t be able to help but see their own dogs in those puppies’ little dot eyes.

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