New Arrival Cricut Cartridge Review

New Arrival Cricut Cartridge Review

New Arrival, made by Rob and Bob, is the latest and most creative cartridge for anyone’s baby-related needs. The two makers have been colleagues for a very long time, having shared interests and color, patterns, and in their own words, “a touch of whimsy”. Papercraft has been their forte, for it allows them to mix all their passions into one. Now having dedicated their lives to scrapbooking, the two have enjoyed a much more different, wacky lifestyle. This is shown in the art they create, from home decor, to stationery and gifts. New Arrival is proof that their innovation knows no bounds.

The New Arrival cartridge is a unique Rob and Bob product; no one expects two grown men to create such whimsical, childlike drawings with a sophisticated spin. Indeed, the font is not so much a font but rather a compilation of pictures that have to do with infants. The varied shapes and drawings will tickle every mom’s fancy and are perfect for all sorts of gift projects. Whether one is celebrating the arrival or a baby or remembering a particular memorable baby shower, New Arrival is the cartridge to use. Babies will be delighted by the soft, bright colors of each design, and adults will be enamoured by the sweetness of it all. The cartridge is a great way to top off an already vibrant greeting card or scrapbook page.

Some of the truly remarkable, fancy designs included in the package are as follows: a baby being lifted by a stork, teddy bears, safety pins, a brightly-colored carriage, a baby bottle, rattles, stuffed toys and many more. Each design is vividly different from the rest, and one is given the option of cutting that design with a circle border, or making a variety of card versions. There is also the option of getting to use simply the outline of the art (blackout mode) or the shadow. Accompanied also are certain phrases often associated with newborns, such as “It’s a girl!”, “It’s a boy!”, or ever “twins”. The variety shows how extensive the cartridge is and that there is a design for every possible situation.

By using New Arrival Cricut cartridge, rest assured that the next person who sees the product will be utterly awed at its loveliness and the effort put into making it. People will marvel at how it was done, and the artist’s creativity will just keep shining.

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