Mini Monograms Cricut Cartridge Review

Mini Monograms Cricut Cartridge Review

Mini Monograms is a font Cricut Cartridge designed by Rob and Bob Studios. Other Cricut Cartridges designed by Rob and Bob include Cuttin’ Up, New Arrival, Going Places, and Cristmas Cheer. If you enjoy this Cricut cartridge then you should check out the other Cricut Cartridges designed by Rob and Bob.

As with all Cricut Cartridges, Mini Monograms comes with a handbook, keyboard overlay, and the font cartridge itself. It is compatible with both the original Cricut Machine and the Cricut Expressions Machine. To use simply plug in the cartridge, turn on the Cricut machine, then apply the keyboard overlay to the keyboard.

Being a font cartridge, Mini Monograms features each of the letters of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase. Uppercase mainly takes the form of square letters with ’stitching’ ran through the center of the letter. Another possibility of uppercase is a cursive or script type font with some letters being more elaborate than others. Lowercase takes many forms with script letters, typewriter letters, and cursive letters making the bulk of the Cricut cartridge. Of note is the lowercase g located on the lowercase ‘H’ letter. This is a very elaborate letter with just heavy dose of whimsy thrown in.

There are phrases included in the Mini Monogram Cricut Cartridge as well. ‘Smile’, ‘Friends’,'I you’ (with being in the shape of a heart), and ‘thanks’.

Finally there are various backgrounds like a tag shape, and a doily shape.

There are six Special Features featured on the Mini Mongrams Cricut Cartridge. Stitched, Dots, Framed, Letter Only, Shadow, and Shadow Blackout. Stitched creates a circle or a rounded square with stitching in it. Dots is similar to stitched but with dots instead of stitching. Framed creates either a circle or rounded square frame in which to place your letters. Letter only does what it says. Shadow and Shadow Blackout is nearly identical on most shapes. It generally removes little details which is useful for layering.

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