Makin’ the Grade Cricut Cartridge Review

Makin’ the Grade Cricut Cartridge Review

The Makin the Grade cartridge allows creativity and lots of fun especially when used to design albums and scrapbooks and all other creative materials that kids and adults love doing. The Makin’ the Grade font features all the letters in the alphabet both big and small, all numbers, and it also includes all special characters as well as punctuation marks. Aside from the characters, other special shapes are included such as hearts, stars, apples, and more. There are also phrases and words combines with shapes such as “#1 Teacher,” “#1 Student,” “and,” “the,” “To,” “From,” “Way 2 Go,” “Heart & Soul” “Grade,” “Hi, there,” “Happy Day,” “Memories,” and “Friends Forever.” With these letters and shapes, you can combine different characters with the different patterns on the Cricut keypad, which includes Tiles, Apples, Awards, Lockers, Shadow, and Shadow Blackout.

Cecelia Harris came up with the designs because of her love for reading and lettering. Her love for writing using her calligraphy pen brought her this artistic expression of creating fonts for Cricut. Cecelia owns Wordsworth, a stamps design company, and she and her husband live in Colorado Springs with their two daughters. Makin’ the Grade Cricut Cartridge was especially designed by Cecelia and intended it for scrapbooking children’s first years in school, like their kindergarten or early elementary years. The font is very much informal and uses rounded designs which make the characters look a lot more fun and attractive.

Along with this font cartridge are other creative features as mentioned previously. The Creative Features keys found in the Makin’ the Grade font cartridge include the Tiles, Apples, Awards, Lockers, Shadow, and Shadow Blackout. These are found on the uppermost left portion of the keypad overlay, and are labeled with the different names of the shapes. Use the Creative Features keys by simply selecting one before hitting on the CUT button on the keypad. The Makin’ the Grade also includes three Foundation keys which are the solid basic shapes used in the Creative Features. When using the Foundation keys, you can combine them by first selecting the creative feature, then the foundation shape, and the result will be a combination of the two shapes that have different colors and may also have a letter or character imprinted.

There are several exciting projects that can be done with the Makin’ the Grade font cartridge. One of the most useful would be the High School Memories Journal, which is a collection of photos and memorabilia coming from a teen’s high school years. It’s more fun and easier to remember high school friends, classmates, teachers, and events by looking through a journal filled with unique designs all made through the Makin’ the Grade Cricut artridge fonts and shapes. All that is needed to produce the High School Memories Journal would be Cricut cardstock in reds and pinks, and earth tones, dark red cardstock, white cardstock, a composition notebook, Gingham ribbon, adhesive tape or other forms of adhesive. Simply organize memorabilia onto the notebook and decorate the different pages using the Makin the Grade font and shapes, inserting phrases and words onto the pages, and creative exciting pictures which look more attractive and unforgettable.

The Makin’ the Grade font cartridge combines a unique set of letters and characters all created to suit the idea of schooling and learning. It is best used to portray memories organized into attractive-looking photo albums, journals, scrapbooks, and matchbooks, as well as cards and invitations to upcoming school events or event programmes.

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