Indie Art Solutions Cricut Cartridge Review

Indie Art Solutions Cricut Cartridge Review

A wild medley of fifty characters and symbols are found in the Cricut Indie Art Solutions cartridge. These characters range from sweet to hard-core making the cartridge ideal in making limitless designs for various paper craft projects. There are common shapes of ordinary things and objects like a strawberry, a rose, butterfly, lips, diamond, ice cream, star, cassette tape, a bird, a crown, lock and key, and a pair of dice. More edgy symbols include a stormcloud with lightning, a fireball, skull and bones, electric guitars, a spider, gothic cross, an ankh, a crest flanked by lions, a Chinese dragon, a dagger, hand grenade, a bomb an lit match, an atomic cloud, the radioactive symbol, tattoo designs, barbed wire, the four suits of playing cards, a thought balloon saying “Trouble!” and “Wicked” and the Parental Advisory logo. The possibilities from mixing and matching the icons are endless.

The special features of the Indie Arts Solutions cartridge are the Shadow and Blackout features. The Shadow feature will create a larger shadow image of a character proportionate to its size. The Blackout feature on the other hand creates a more solid version of the base character shape. One can combine the two special features or either one of them with the base shape to create different effects of a chosen character. The Real Dial size button on the keypad overlay on the other hand gives one the option of how large a gray character is cut in relation to the black character found on each key. Some character’s intricate details will come out more if cut at a larger dial size.

Any type of project can be made out of the Indie Arts cartridge. Using a single icon or logo, or combining two or more of them, coupled with the type and color of material used, can dictate what kind of theme or design one can make for a scrapbook, invitation, card, poster, or home décor. For example, the rose in red paper can be a centerpiece of a Valentine’s Day card. If combined with the barbed wire in black paper, it can be pasted around to decorate a goth teenager’s bedroom mirror. The cassette and guitars can be used for a rock band’s concert poster. Meanwhile, the butterfly and bird can be used for a sweet birthday card. Due to the range presented by the variety of characters in the Indie Art Solutions cartridge, almost any project can be made using this cartridge alone.

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