Home Accents Solutions Cricut Cartridge Review

Home Accents Solutions Cricut Cartridge Review

The Home Accents Solutions Cricut Cartridge is another really popular item. The item number for Home Accents Solutions is 29-0542 and the UPC code is 093573305429. It is part of the shape line of Cricut Cartridges.

As with all the Cricut Cartridges, home accent solutions is compatible with both the original Cricut cutting machine, and the Cricut expression machine.

It comes with the keyboard overlay, the instruction manual and the Cricut cartridge itself, and retails for $49.99. Of course you can always find them for cheaper.

The Cricut cartridge contains a fantastic array of shapes and phrases. 50 to be exact. There are tons of flower-like doily shapes as well as some doily shapes that remind me of snowflakes. There are leaves and plant stems, and butterflies in the same doily type style. The doily theme is carried through to boarders useful for scrapbooking layouts or framing pictures. There are straight lines in the same style as well.

Some phrases included with Home Accent Solutions is “welcome,” “imagine,” “dream,” “home,” “family,” “inspire,” “faith,” “grow,” “live, laugh, love,” and “love,” with a heart.

The special features featured on the cartridge are shadow and blackout.

Overall, the Home Accents Solutions Cricut Cartridge is a fantastic value for your scrapbooking dollar. It remains very popular today as when it was released.

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