George and the Basic Shapes Cricut Cartridge Review

George and the Basic Shapes Cricut Cartridge Review

Paper crafting usually starts by learning the basics, and one of the best way to do so is by using a cartridge, called George and the basic shapes.

This cartridge was invented by Cecelia Harris, who has been a devotee of art throughout her life. She has several passions prior to paper crafting, and this include reading books and lettering. In fact, at a young age, she already developed her own lettering designs that became a great influence to her very own Cricut cartridge set. She also loves cooking, sewing, and doing cross-stitch. These hobbies have also been helpful ways to enhance her passion for art. Now, her George and the basic shapes cartridge has been a valuable art tool, especially for beginners who are just starting to love paper crafting.

This cartridge contains the usual shapes and figures, such as triangles, circles, squares, stars, diamonds, and rectangles. It also includes letters of the alphabet, numbers from zero to nine, and one-word designs and phrase patterns, such as “the”, “from”, “to”, “I love you”, and “thinking of you.”

One of the unique features of the George and the basic shapes cartridge is that it includes a charm feature, which enables users to upgrade the design of their craft. There are also other special features, which include the sign, slotted, silhouette, shadow, and shadow blackout, which are perfect for users to give more accents to their work. The sizes of the patterns and designs can be enlarged, depending on the purpose of the project. Users can even combine the patterns to create a single art project, and there are special buttons on the keypad overlay that combine patterns at once. There is no need for manual cutting, because the machine does the job. All the user will have to do is to press button that corresponds to the design and pattern he wishes to apply.

This cartridge has also unique foundation keys that allow users to create several layers in their project. These foundation keys are actually responsible for the solid base or shape of the project. A user can opt for either a square-shape base or an oval-shape base, or combine any of these to make the project more attractive.

The George and the basic shapes cartridge can be used in making greeting cards for birthdays, graduations, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other special holidays. It can also be used in making posters for campaigns, prom announcements, and product advertisement. Other special purposes of this cartridge are invitations, scrap books, banners, door hangers, school projects, and personalized items.

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