Doodlecharms Cricut Cartridge Review

Doodlecharms Cricut Cartridge Review

When you are doing a project that requires colorful paper crafting, you would have probably tried using stickers, cut-outs, colored pens and glitters to add a splash of color then Doodlecharms Cricut Cartridge is for you. You would include a little something extra to your handmade cards and invites. The pages of your scrapbook will include an item that will make each page a lot more interesting. Adding a thing or two will enliven the mood of the project.

Doodlecharms is a cartridge available for Cricut Machine to suit your paper crafting needs. Doodlecharms will help you create charms easily that will make your project look exciting and appealing. It acts as if it is an accessory that makes any project alive.

Doodlecharms are small icons that you can place as decorations in your work. It helps bind the overall theme of the project. It comes with the basic features such as the Card, Charm, Border, Shadow, and Shadow/Blackout features. It also comes with a huge collection of charms that will surely enliven any paper project. This cartridge will add that extra touch that you’ve been looking for.

Designed by Cynthea Sandoval, Doodlecharms became available to anyone who wishes to make their paper craft project a little special. The author had a strong interest for anything handmade. This prompted her to stir up the interest of other people in making paper crafts by making it a step easier for them.

The designs available in the Doodlecharms cartridge are almost endless. The designs can be used in any occasion. You can choose designs and charms based on the seasons. The seasons include winter (snowman, snowflakes and globe), spring (flowers), summer (sun, popsicle and watermelon) and fall (acorn, leaf and basket). There are also charms available for other special occasions such as Valentine’s Day (heart shapes, envelope and mailbox) , Thanksgiving (turkey), Birthday (ice cream cone, cup cake, present, hat and confetti) , Baby’s Birth (baby face, duck, teddy bear, bottle, bag) , Christmas (tree, reindeer head, Santa head, stocking, star) , Easter (bunny, Easter basket, egg), Halloween (pumpkin, spider, candy, bag) and Back-to-school (bus, apple, backpack). Doodlecharms also include other fun designs that such as bug, dragonfly, ladybug, jar, stick & leaves castle seahorse, palm tree dog, doghouse, cat and mouse.

If you want your Doodlecharms project to look interesting and creative at the same time, make this cricut cartridge your regular companion when creating your handmade greeting cards, invites and scrapbooks.

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