Disney Tinker Bell And Friends Cricut Cartridge Review

Disney Tinker Bell And Friends Cricut Cartridge Review

Every little girl adores fairies or pixies so they would most definitely love Disney Tinker Bell and Friends cartridge. Girls love reading about and looking at their miniature images, their glittery dresses, their charming tiny voices, if they have any, and their exceptional magical abilities. Girls especially love Tinker Bell, the fairy friend of the famous Peter Pan. She must be the most famous and most beloved fairy ever written and read about or ever watched in films. Even at this moment, kids, mainly those of the female gender, continue to watch Tinker Bell and her fairy pals Fawn, Rosetta, Silvermist, and Iridessa on the Disney channel and on Disney movies in theaters and DVDs. Because Tinker Bell and her friends are so popular, Provo Craft in collaboration with Disney has now come up with the Cricut Disney Tinker Bell & Friends Cartridge. Tinker Bell and her friends from Pixie Hollow are now closer to your little princess than they will ever be. This cartridge can serve as the ideal gift for your little girl to enhance her creative and artistic skills.

The Disney Tinker Bell & Friends Cartridge contains the wonderful images of Tinker Bell, Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta, and Silvermist, along with the names of these pixie friends, famous phrases, figures of trees, all types of flowers, mushrooms, butterflies, and snowflakes. This cartridge also comes with six Creative Feature keys which add to the artistic appeal of the characters. A Creative Feature key and a character key are selected and cut to produce outstanding details that make a character more attractive to one’s eye. These six Creative Feature keys are Layers: Flesh/Hair, Layers: Outfit/Outfit, Layers: Wings/White, Layers: Eyes/Lips/Extra, Filigree and finally Layers: Shadow/Blackout. Some of these layers might be very much in depth that they would be cut best using the Cricut Expression machine as opposed to the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter machine and the Cricut Create machine.

The pretty and adorable images that can be made with this cartridge are just excellent for decorating cards, picture frames, scrapbook pages, posters, and even a young girl’s bedroom. The characters with the Layer features will give depth and detail when making a greeting card. Fairy, butterfly and flower images will give your scrapbook a touch of femininity and youth. Entering you child’s bedroom can feel like entering the fairy world with fairies flying all around. Having the Disney Tinker Bell & Friends Cartridge for your Cricut machine will truly make your creations and your daughter’s as colorful, lively, and magical as the world of fairies.

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