Disney Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge

Disney Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge

Along with many other Disney designs and creations comes the Disney Mickey font cartridge. This font cartridge contains all letters of the alphabet including numbers and special characters and punctuation marks. Along with this exciting font cartridge from Provo Craft are special features such as the Mickey Tag, Mickey Charm, Mickey font silhouette, the End Caps, the Mickey font shadow, and the End Caps shadow. Included also are expressions of Mickey such as “Oh, boy!” “Oh my!” “Grrr!” “Aw, phooey!” “Gawrsh!” and “Hi, there!” Aside from the letters, numbers, special characters, and expressions, the character faces of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck are also included in the Disney Mickey font cartridge.

As mentioned previously, the Disney Mickey Font Cricut cartridge contains special features which are used to create different projects. Among these special features which you can use to create different objects, the Mickey Tag can be created by hitting the F1 button on your Cricut machine. By hitting F2, you’ll be able to create the Mickey charm. F3 will let you create the Mickey Silhouette, while hitting on F4 will let you create the Mickey End Caps which is shaped like a bone where you can type in a word or series of letters. F5 will let you create the Mickey shadow which just the shaded letter “M.” while F6 will let you create the End Caps shadow as well.

Aside from creating the basic special features with your Disney Mickey font cartridge, the Creative Features setting can let you build the different popular Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. With your keypad, you will need to use the different features of the character’s elements. You will need to use Blackout + Face + White + Tongue + Shadow + Ribbon/Hat, which are all included in the Disney Mickey font cartridge. Aside from creating your own Disney characters, you can also create End Caps using the End Caps feature which are shown at the left. The shapes of the End Caps include the ticket, which is shaped just like a movie ticket, the license plate, and the dog bone.

Once you’ve mastered how to create the different Mickey font cartridge features, you can start making your own unique projects using the letters, numbers, shapes, and characters. You can create a Mickey Charm Bracelet, which is composed of the Mickey Charm feature. You may use black plastic film for the charms, jump rings, a beaded chain, and a Cricut tool kit or piercing tool to poke out the spaces on the stencil. Other projects you can make using the Disney Mickey font are personalized cards and tags to hang on your door, or picture frames using the different Disney characters as the design. This cartridge can be used for a variety of Disney Mickey Font projects, and it is up to you on how you’d like to use them to produce creative, fun projects.

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