Disney Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge Review

Disney Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge Review

Especially designed to be used with the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter, the Disney Mickey and Friends cartridge features 40 different shapes of the famous Disney characters including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofey and Pluto. It also allows you to print the characters’ houses and names as well as other fun and colourful shapes. This shape cartridge is perfect for those who want to spice up and personalize greeting cards or scrapbooks. It can also be used for other paper arts and craft activities. You can cut the images in sizes that range from one inch to 5 ½ inches. This means you can cut each Disney image in a total of 11 sizes!

The images in the Disney Mickey and Friends cartridge are created in a very detailed manner, which makes it work best when cut at larger sizes. With this cartridge and your electric cutter, you can cut and print up to 16 different images. This is done by pressing on the shift lock key and then selecting all the images that you want to cut. If a key has two images on it, you can select the image on the upper right corner by pressing the shift button before selecting the image.

You may also choose the size of the cut that you want to make by rolling the size dial on the right-hand portion of your cutting machine. Remember that only one size applies for each cut and this size is applied to all images that you selected so be sure that for each cut that you make, only the images that you want to cut in the same size will be selected. In choosing the size of your cuts, you may make use of the Real Dial button as well. In the Disney Mickey and Friends cartridge, the regular images all have the same size and any layer or shadow that you add to the image is automatically sized in proportion to these images. By pressing the Real Dial button, you are making sure that all of the images are cut specifically in the size that you selected.

You may also transform your images in six different ways to make it more uniquely yours. This can be done with the help of the creative functions keys. These keys are at the left panel of the keypad overlay that comes with the Disney Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge package. This cartridge includes the Face/White, Shoes/Ribbon/Hat and Outfit/Tongue Layers design along with the Icon, Shadow and Icon Border designs. To use these keys, you just have to select any of them before pressing on the CUT button.

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