Disney Dreams Come True Cricut Cartridge Review

Disney Dreams Come True Cricut Cartridge Review

We all grew up with fairy tales. We were all enchanted with those heart-warming Disney movies with a beautiful Princess and her charming Prince who always comes to her rescue. We all loved the drawings, the songs, the dream of a happily ever after.

It seems only yesterday when you twirled around with a tiara and a gown singing “Someday my Prince will come.” Now, you see your own daughter dancing on tip toes in your place singing “Part of your World”.

You might not be able to give your daughter a fairy tale life. But you can nurture her imagination and keep that wonder alive in her heart by showing her that though fairy tales might not be real, love and happiness is!

Is your daughter’s birthday party coming up? Need to come up with fun and creative designs for the invitations? Do you want to put back the magic and innocence in your child’s play? The creators at Disney are pleased to present you with the Disney Dreams Come True Cartridge to solve all your child’s party needs.

Perfect for parents, teachers or anyone with a little Princess in their lives, the Disney Dreams Come True Cricut Cartridge makes fairy tales come alive with cut outs of Disney Princesses, like Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and Pocahontas. The cartridge includes creative features such as flesh/hair, different ball gowns and outfits, a base/icon, an extra white icon and charms. For only $99.99 you will never have to go through the hassle of drawing and cutting Disney characters yourself. Plus, your children (and their friends) will love you for it.

The Disney Dreams Come True Cartridge is also perfect for those lazy rainy days, when the kids are cooped up inside the house. Instead of leaving them to play computer games for hours at an end, you can use the Disney Dreams Come True Cartridge to make paper dolls. This will keep your children occupied (and out of trouble) the whole day through, and also stir their creative and imaginative side as well!

So surprise your little girl with this cartridge. And who knows? Even you might take an enchanted walk down fairytale memory lane with this fun and creative new cartridge from Disney. Avail of this new cartridge while supplies last: because we all want our dreams to come true – no matter how old we get.

Note: The Disney Dream Come True Cartridge is available only in the U.S. and Canada.

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