Cuttin Up Cricut Cartridge Review

Cuttin Up Cricut Cartridge Review

Are you interested in arts and crafts? Are you a hobbyist who enjoys scrapbooking or personalizing cards? Do cards sold in stores seem impersonal and mass-produced to you? Are you a children’s educator, perhaps, who believes in the importance of creativity and learning? Are you a stay-at-home mom, bored with the functions and features of your Cricut machine and overwhelmed with keeping your kids busy? Can’t cut a straight and clean line? Then Cuttin’ Up Cricut Cartridge by Rob and Bob Studio will be perfect for you!

With versatile and simple text, the Cuttin’ Up Catridge is great for various kinds of invitations. From children’s parties and baby showers to adult get-togethers, from get-well-soon cards to congratulatory ones. With fonts like Cartoon, Holy Cow, Serifs, Short, Stack, Shadow and Cartoon Shadow, card-making will never be boring again!

The Cuttin’ Up Catridge is also perfect for scrapbooking or captions for photo albums. The fun fonts available will surely make your scrap-book or photo album extra special. If you’re a parent or a teacher, you can also use this cartridge to design lesson plans and notebooks. The possibilities are endless! You can even your Cricut machine (along with this new cartridge) to school and allow your students to make cards for each other during Valentines or other special occasions. You can do away with potentially harmful cutters or scissors.

If you’re a mom, you can use the cartridge’s creative features to encourage your children to hone their creativity. Tell them to make cards for their grandparents or friends. Home-made cards are always extra special because of the time, thought and effort you put into making them. During the holidays, you can even encourage them to make Christmas cards and sell them to support a particular cause. A friend of mine did precisely this with her children last Christmas and was able to donate a few hundred dollars to an orphanage. That’s definitely a great way to putting your creativity to good use!

So let loose and let out the creative and artistic side of you. Purchase the Cuttin’ Up Catridge and add these wonderful and handy features to your Cricut machine. Then you can impress all your friends and colleagues with your professional-looking, home-made cards. For a very reasonable price of $89.99, you will have all these creative innovations within reach of your fingertips!

Have fun cuttin’ up with your Cuttin’ Up projects.

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