Cursive 101 Cricut Cartridge Review

Cursive 101 Cricut Cartridge Review

Just a few months ago, I was talking to a teacher friend of mine who had recently bought her own Cricut machine (after my careful prodding). She was telling me about how great and efficient the machine was and how it helped her, not only in her teaching career, but in her personal life as well. Always being good with crafting things, she is an avid scrap-booker and card-maker. She always gives the best cards at Christmas and even won second-prize at a card-making contest last year! Her Cricut machine has saved her a lot of time and effort in the tedious sketching and cutting of different styles, fonts and designs. However, she told me that she wishes that the Cricut makers would come up with a more elegant cartridge that she can use to make bridal and wedding cards for our increasing number of friends who are tying the knot. That’s why I am both pleased and excited to announce another great new cartridge from the creator Cecilia Harris: the Cursive 101 Cricut Cartridge!

The Cursive 101 Cartridge boasts beautiful and classic fonts and features. With its own instruction manual, the creative features include: puzzle, tile, notebook, shadow and shadow blackout designs. This cartridge is perfect for more serious and “grown-up” cards, and other arts and crafts handiworks. With the Cursive 101 Cartridge you’ll now be able to make cards fit for a queen.

Planning a posh, high tea party? Hosting a bridal shower for your best friend? Just feeling oh-so-quaint and Victorian? The Cursive 101 Cartridge is the way to go!

But don’t think that this means this new cartridge is boring. With the special features, you can make almost any kind of card for any occasion. Make puzzle cut-outs for your kindergartener. Or spell the name of your Scrabble-obsessed friend in tiles. You can also use the notebook feature to label your planner or other writing materials. You can even go ultra artistic with the shadow and shadow black out designs, and use them for casual house party invites. For only $89.99, you will be able to make a lifetime worth of cards and other creative crafts for friends, family, and of course, yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get your own cartridge now while supplies last!

As for me, I’m purchasing 2 of them for our next Cursive 101 projects – one for me and one for my teacher friend. I foresee fun, cursive-filled days ahead.
Thanks, Cricut!

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