Christmas Cheer Cricut Cartridge Review

Christmas Cheer Cricut Cartridge Review

Christmas season is the perfect time to boost your art skill. Whether it is embellishing your house with colorful Christmas decors, or creating your own Christmas card for your love ones, this season will surely bring out the artist in you. And the perfect way to intensify your skills is by using the Christmas cheer cartridge.

Developed by Rob and Bob studio, this cartridge has been a top choice when it comes to scrap booking, card making, and home made ornaments during Christmas season. Rob and Bob are well known graphic artists and have worked as an illustrator and art director, respectively. They are also big names in the advertising field and have created several ingenious projects. They entered the world of paper crafting and scrap booking and they developed the Christmas cheer cartridge to help art enthusiasts in their quest for ingenuity.

The two artists developed a number of designs for their cartridge. Some of these include a Christmas tree, a sleigh, reindeers, bells, a, chimney, a fireplace, a snowman, Santa Claus, a candy cane, a star, Christmas balls, and a Christmas basket. There are also worded designs available. All of these figures and shapes come in the same height, but these can be cut according to the selected real dial size. When the real dial size becomes larger, the images appear very-detailed and clear-cut. Larger images are perfect for Christmas posters and streamers.

This cartridge bears several special features that make it unique. One of these special features is that it contains four foundation keys, and each of these foundation keys has two designs. This allows artists to combine shapes and figures in layers or in different colors of papers. Other special and creative features of the Christmas cheer cartridge is that it also comes in several base shapes, such as circle, square, or tag. One can also add a shadow or a blackout shade on the shapes and figures.

Christmas cheer cartridge is perfect for scrap booking during the yuletide season, as well as for creating Christmas cards, bookmarks, door tags, Christmas tree decors, gift labels, and Christmas posters.

So why spend more money buying expensive gifts for your love ones during Christmas season if you can create your own gift with a Christmas cheer cartridge. You can choose your own designs, make the most of your skill as an artist, and make your love ones happy by giving them your best art work.

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