Find Cheap Cricut Cartridges On Sale!

Find Cheap Cricut Cartridges On Sale!

Having looked all over the internet for deals on Cricut cartridges, I can say for sure that it is difficult to find discounted prices. Sometimes your too late for the sale, and most of the time it’s on cartridges that you either already have, or simply don’t want. Furthermore, the local craft shop that carries Cricut doesn’t let me use my weekly coupon on Cricut items.

In all my internet searches, nothing comes close to the price and selection of Trusted for years as a source of fantastic variety and great deals, is your one stop shop to cheap Cricut cartridges. Though rare, I have seen them go as low as $4.99! For ease of use I have included a list of all the Cricut cartridges on sale on Ebay.

NEW Cricut Gypsy!!

RARE Colored Expressions!

Original Expression and the other machines!

NEW Cricut Cartridges!!!

Older Cartridges (They are still good though!)

I have found it’s best to sign up for as well. Paypal is a trusted partner with Ebay and is accepted by almost every seller as a primary way of payment. It’s nice because the small cost of using Paypal is charged to the seller and not you! It is free to sign up and very secure. I have been using it for more than 8 years without incident. As a matter of fact, the only Ebay transaction I had turn sour in 8 years of using Ebay was quickly refunded by Paypal after I initiated a dispute. It was simple, effective and timely. My experience has only increased my desire to use the internet as a means to shop. Paypal is also accepted outside of Ebay at many different websites making it a truly useful internet tool.

In addition to Ebay there are some other sites that I have used in the past to scour the internet for deals on Cricut cartridges. Google’s shopping (accessible from is a nice way to search many vendors at once and lets you see the websites rating. There are also user reviews that allow you to spot trouble merchants from a mile away. is another site that I’ve had great luck with. It’s a free online classified ad website with local websites catering to most every major U.S. area. It’s updated constantly so patience is required and you must make it a habit to check it every couple of days. But the payoff is worth it. I have found plenty of furniture, a bike, even my two cats, and my dog! There is plenty of other stuff on it besides stuff for sale. It’s worth it to check it out.

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