Find Cheap Cricut Cartridges On Sale!

Having looked all over the internet for deals on Cricut cartridges, I can say for sure that it is difficult to find discounted prices. Sometimes your too late for the sale, and most of the time it’s on cartridges that you either already have, or simply don’t want. Furthermore, the local craft shop that carries [...]

Jubilee Cricut Cartridge Review

Jubilee cartridge is another font cartridge from Provo Craft. It has a complete set of alphabet, numbers, common punctuation marks, symbols, icons, and phrases. Other creative features included in the package are that of flags and villages icons. This package is appropriate for mothers who do simple scrapbooks and other projects. You’ll also love how [...]

Base Camp Cricut Cartridge Review

As compared to ancient times, anyone today can do a very unique artwork without too much difficulty. That is because technology opened doors for art tools to be developed that will aid art fanatics in creating their very own masterpieces.

Zooballoo Cricut Cartridge Review

Zooballoo by David Walker is a cartridge that features – what else? – animals accompanying letters! In a wonderful, creative twist, Zooballoo combines the two, ending up with zany combinations of animals peeking out of individual letters. Aside from that, there are a couple of other unique features associated with the cartridge.

Printing Press Cricut Cartridge Review

The Printing Press Cartridge is one of the most innovative and unique cartridges that one will ever find. Consisting of various fonts, emblems and designs, people into arts and crafts will be impressed by the diversity offered all in one pack, with a common yet easily customizable theme. There are regular characters, yes, but for the more artistic people, there are also tall characters, clips, frames, shadows and tall, shadowed characters. The list goes on.

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