Base Camp Cricut Cartridge Review

Base Camp Cricut Cartridge Review

As compared to ancient times, anyone today can do a very unique artwork without too much difficulty. That is because technology opened doors for art tools to be developed that will aid art fanatics in creating their very own masterpieces.

One of these latest innovations is the creation of the base camp cartridge that can help individuals in doing paper crafting easy. As a perfect art tool, this operates by automatically trimming papers into cool shapes and patterns. This helps reduce working time among individuals who loves and considers paper crafting as a fantastic hobby.

This superb invention is another brilliant idea of a master paper crafter, Heather Lancaster. She is a disciple of art since she was still in kindergarten. She loves colors, papers, and shapes. Her passion in cutting papers into different figures and sizes has become her inspiration in developing this unique cartridge that will help other art enthusiast in enhancing their work.

The base camp cartridge can be described as a formal unit of letters, numbers and symbols, since the characters were styled in a reserved manner. Curve lines and other fancy outlines were not utilized in designing the characters, but these characters can be arranged in different perspectives. That is, a user can either choose to arrange the letters to form words in a slanting position, or placed them in an alternating up-down order.

Some of the key features of the base camp cartridge include special keys that can cut the paper into several shapes, such as rectangle, dog tag, and tag. Other special keys that are included in the cartridge package are capable of enhancing the features of the characters, such as giving the letters, numbers, and symbol a shadow or a shadow blackout mode.

As with other cartridge, the base camp cartridge is also very useful in different projects. However, since it contains a more formal design, it is best to use for wedding invitations and anniversary greeting cards. But nevertheless, its purpose is not only limited to formal projects and it can be used to decorate notebook covers, diaries, photo album captions, posters, bulletin boards, party banners, and other greeting cards for special occasions.

The base camp cartridge is easy to use, and every package of it usually comes with a manual. It is very important to read the manual, because it outlines some useful tips on how to create layers using the foundation keys, and how to apply the special features appropriately.

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