Animal Kingdom Cricut Cartridge Review

Animal Kingdom Cricut Cartridge Review

Paper crafting is a long known art, but paper crafting with the Animal Kingdom Cricut Cartridge is a new art. It is popular with kids and toddlers especially during the stages where they are most interested in colors and shapes. Kids tend to create cut outs using the ordinary poster and construction paper and a pair of scissors. From their tiny hands comes their very first piece of artwork.

Paper crafting is not only popular with kids. It is also used by adults. This craft is usually done in creating greeting cards, invites and scrapbooks. The result is a more personalized and a more memorable output.

An innovation in paper crafting was introduced through a Cricut Machine. Like a printer, a Cricut Machine uses cartridges to specify particular paper designs. One cartridge that can be used in the machine is the Animal Kingdom cartridge.

The Animal Kingdom cartridge is another Cricut innovation especially designed by Marie Cole. Marie Cole has an endless passion for drawing and creating different designs of alphabets. The result of her hobby is a one of a kind cartridge to fit your paper crafting needs.

Animal Kingdom cartridges will answer to all your project needs. Use it as decorations for your greeting cards or for your scrapbooking project. You may also include it to make your school reports interesting. Adding a nicely made animal picture as a regular image or as a border will certainly make a huge difference in the presentation.

Aside from including the basic creative features of a cartridge (Head, Sound, Bookmark, Book, Shadow, and Blackout creative features), Animal Kingdom cartridge features a great number of animal selections. With forty-eight mammals, reptiles and birds, you will never run out of ideas on what to include in your greeting card, scrapbook or project. The options are endless.

Want to make your animal kingdom projects a little smarter? Why not include some animal sayings in the project? Brighten up one’s day by greeting her good “moo”rning. Welcome a new member in the community by sending an invite saying “welcome ‘neigh’bor or appreciate their presence by saying “thanks for being such a good ‘Neigh’bor.”

Use the Animal Kingdom cartridge with convenience mixed with your creativity. With this cartridge, you are always assured that your projects will come out interesting and presentable. The next time you create another project which will need a little extra kick to make it a lot interesting, do not forget to use the Animal Kingdom cartridge.

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