Alphalicious Cricut Cartridge Review

Alphalicious Cricut Cartridge Review

If you’re looking for a little flare to add to your artistic projects, the Alphalicious font is definitely the cartridge you can use to enhance your creations. Choose from a variety of letters, numbers, phrases, and shapes to design your gift cards and invitations with. The Alphalicious font letters and numbers are designed to look majestic and royal, which you can incorporate in your own Cricut projects. The Alphalicious font cartridge also includes different expressions and phrases including “Lucky,” “It’s a Party,” “To-From,” “I miss you,” “Thank you,” “You’re invited,” “You’re the best,” “Thinking of you,” “Congratulations,” and “Best Wishes.”

Once you have already equipped your Cricut machine with the Alphalicious font cartridge, you will encounter two kinds of special key features in the system: the Creative Feature keys and the Foundation keys. The Creative Feature keys are located on the topmost right corner of your keypad overlay. They include the different character designs which you can choose from to create your desire projects. Included are Short Stack, Crown Tag, Matchbook, Crest Card, Shadow, and Short Stack Shadow. The Creative Feature keys are used to create the main stencil that will appear on your Cricut design. You just need to select the Creative Feature key that you wish to use by selecting it prior to pressing the CUT button. The other set of keys are called the Foundation keys which you can use along with the Creative Feature keys. The Foundation keys contain two shapes and are simply foundation shapes used to create the shapes on the Creative Feature keys. Aside from the Creative Feature keys and Foundation keys, there is a Bonus Key feature which is one Bonus key with two shapes on the button. The Bonus shapes can be used to accompany your other creative designs and shapes.

Using ththis cartridge, you can create a variety of Alphalicious projects and design different objects which you can use to hang or decorate any space you wish to improve. As previously mentioned, the Alphalicious Cricut cartridge font can be used to create invitations or cards. A unique way to design your invitations would be to create a “Matchbook” Invitation, which can be designed with different shapes and phrases including the crown shape and other bonus shapes included in this cartridge. You may use various materials such as cardstock in different colors, glitters, ribbons, rhinestones, adhesive, and a stapler to attach the cardstock together.

The Alphalicious font was designed by Rob and Bob of the Rob and Bob Studio who are Rob, a professional illustrator from New York, and Bob, who was an art director for an advertising company. They got together to enter the fun and exciting world of scrapbooking to create different font designs, and among their truly brilliant creations would be this cartridge.

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