All Mixed Up Cricut Cartridge Review

All Mixed Up Cricut Cartridge Review

Paper crafting has evolved as years went by. Thanks to the ingenuity of many artist who contributed their skills and knowledge to enhance the art. Today, paper crafting has never been so exciting, especially that an all mixed up cartridge was created to help aficionados make the best for their art works.

Cynthea Sandoval is the mind behind this cricut cartridge. Growing up as an art enthusiast herself, she loves doing paintings, decorating her room with colorful stuffs, and scrap booking. From the year 2000 onwards, she developed a set of cartridge shapes and figures for Cricut designs, called “all mixed up.” Today, her creation is one of the sought after designs in paper crafting.

The all mixed up cartridge is composed of letters, numbers, symbols, and words that were written and designed using curves and wavy lines. Most of these appear like signatures and are perfect to personalized gift items and greeting cards. One-word designs, such as “boy”, “girl”, “to”, and “from” can be used to label presents and big banners for birthdays, baptisms, and Christmas parties. Letters may appear both as a lower-cased or upper-cased. The shift key on the keypad overlay allows this kind of feature. Sizes of the letters, numbers, symbols, and words may also vary depending on the preference of the user.

There are many special features that are included in this cartridge. Some of these are the creative feature keys that allow users to cut different base shapes, such as circle, square, and tag. Aside from these creative feature keys, there are other special keys included, such as a silhouette, shadow, and shadow black out. These bonus keys can add weight, highlighting and depth on the characters and figures.

The all mixed up cartridge is ideal to use for scrapbooking projects. Since scrapbooks do not need to be formal, this cartridge will really make the project look more amazing with letters and numbers that comes in uncanny designs. It can also be used to make photo captions and article labels.

Aside from scrapbooking, the all mixed up circut cartridge is also perfect to use for school art projects, door labels, room decors, party decors, campaign posters, theatre posters, prom posters, and greeting cards for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries.

All mixed up cartridge is one fancy cartridge that will surely enhance the art of paper crafting, and it will be a helpful tool for young artist to develop more their skills.

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