50 States Cricut Cartridge Review

50 States Cricut Cartridge Review

50 States is an arts and crafts cartridge designed by mother-daughter team Cecelia Harris and Kinsey Hamilton. As the name implies, the cartridge includes shapes of the fifty US states. It also contains the individual state flags, state birds, state name and capital. The cartridge is best used with the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter or the Cricut Expression Machine and is ideal for creating a fun and interesting way to teach your kids about the geography of the United States. So whether you are a parent wanting to help you kids with their homework or a teacher looking for more creative ways of imparting knowledge to the toddlers whom you are teaching, any 50 States project is an effective way to achieve your goal.

Each icon key in the keypad overlay has two images on it and you may select the image on the right portion by pressing the shift key before selecting the icon. If you select the icon without using the shift key, that means you are selecting the image on the left side. You also have the option of selecting more than one image at a time. This is done by pressing the shift lock key before selecting the individual icons. Once you are ready to print, just press the CUT button and all the images you selected will be cut and printed in the style that you chose.

There are six special creative keys included in the 50 States and these keys are the capital, bird, flag, shadow, flower and the flower shadow. These keys are located at upper part of the keypad’s left panel. With these creative features, you can easily make your layouts more interesting and unique. The images that you choose will be cut according to the style that you selected as well. Since not all sizes and shapes are compatible, it is best to check the diagram in the Icon Gallery. This diagram is found in the handbook that comes with the 50 States Cricut cartridge package. The special features keys may be selected either before or after you select the image to be printed as long as you press it before hitting the CUT button.

The images included in the cartridge may be cut in sizes ranging from an inch to 5 ½ inches of from ¼ of an inch to 23 ½ inches. A package includes the cartridge itself, plus the keypad overlay and a detailed handbook to make your designs a lot easier to make. The cartridge dimensions are 9.5×5x1.6 inches and it weighs 8.6 lbs.

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