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Having looked all over the internet for deals on Cricut cartridges, I can say for sure that it is difficult to find discounted prices. Sometimes your too late for the sale, and most of the time it’s on cartridges that you either already have, or simply don’t want. Furthermore, the local craft shop that carries Cricut doesn’t let me use my weekly coupon on Cricut items.

In all my internet searches, nothing comes close to the price and selection of Trusted for years as a source of fantastic variety and great deals, is your one stop shop to cheap Cricut cartridges. Though rare, I have seen them go as low as $4.99! For ease of use I have included a list of all the Cricut cartridges on sale on Ebay.

NEW Cricut Gypsy!!

RARE Colored Expressions!

Original Expression and the other machines!

NEW Cricut Cartridges!!!

Older Cartridges (They are still good though!)

I have found it’s best to sign up for as well. Paypal is a trusted partner with Ebay and is accepted by almost every seller as a primary way of payment. It’s nice because the small cost of using Paypal is charged to the seller and not you! It is free to sign up and very secure. I have been using it for more than 8 years without incident. As a matter of fact, the only Ebay transaction I had turn sour in 8 years of using Ebay was quickly refunded by Paypal after I initiated a dispute. It was simple, effective and timely. My experience has only increased my desire to use the internet as a means to shop. Paypal is also accepted outside of Ebay at many different websites making it a truly useful internet tool.

In addition to Ebay there are some other sites that I have used in the past to scour the internet for deals on Cricut cartridges. Google’s shopping (accessible from is a nice way to search many vendors at once and lets you see the websites rating. There are also user reviews that allow you to spot trouble merchants from a mile away. is another site that I’ve had great luck with. It’s a free online classified ad website with local websites catering to most every major U.S. area. It’s updated constantly so patience is required and you must make it a habit to check it every couple of days. But the payoff is worth it. I have found plenty of furniture, a bike, even my two cats, and my dog! There is plenty of other stuff on it besides stuff for sale. It’s worth it to check it out.

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Jubilee Cricut Cartridge Review

Jubilee Font Cricut Cartridge

Jubilee Font Cricut Cartridge

Jubilee cartridge is another font cartridge from Provo Craft. It has a complete set of alphabet, numbers, common punctuation marks, symbols, icons, and phrases. Other creative features included in the package are that of flags and villages icons. This package is appropriate for mothers who do simple scrapbooks and other projects. You’ll also love how this complete set will respond to your every need when it comes to putting labels on pictures made from cut outs produced by your friendly electronic cutting machine.

Aside from the set of complete letters and numbers from 0 – 9, it also includes favorite words and phrases usually seen on greeting cards such as “Love You,” “Hooray,” “You Rock,” “Enjoy,” “Merry Christmas,” addressors “To” and “From” and many others. True enough, many users of this cartridge save extra time and effort in making scrapbooks and other paper designs. This is so because all they have to do is just push a button and the machine will be in charge of all the cutting and designing of letters or icons they want to use. Moreover, you can also be assured of more precise designs of fonts because you will be using automatic paper cutter. Likely, the result will be a wonderful and perfectly designed custom-made paper craft.

Talking about projects, Jubilee is the right cartridge if you are waiting for projects to spruce up on you. Because of its simplicity in style and the responsiveness brought about by the completeness in package of letters, numbers, and symbols, you can use this cartridge to produce cards, artistic paper designs, stickers for school things, frame borders, and miniature books aside from scrapbooks.

In fact, such cartridge already has established a stable market, the mothers. Mothers prefer this cartridge because for them, it is more user-friendly. They also delight on the fact that it includes the shapes they commonly look for like flowers, hearts, butterflies and the like.

Mothers are usually the ones more inclined to creating laborious scrapbooks, greeting cards, and other beautiful designs and paper crafts. That is why Provo Craft and Cricut both understand their growing demands for cartridges like this one. In fact, Provo Craft has even launched a Mother’s Day Special just recently to give mothers around the world a treat-offering them this cartridge at a very reasonable price plus with fat discounts. This promo has proven its effectiveness because most mothers did not waste any time and grabbed the opportunity to have their own Jubilee cartridge.

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Cheap Cricut Create On Sale

Provo Craft released its first ever cutting machine under the Cricut line in July of 2006. Since that time, a lot of scrapbookers and paper crafters had become instant followers of the brand. Due to the immense popularity of the machine and its cartridges, it has also released the Cricut Expression line in less than a year after. Just last year, Cricut has launched one of its highly acclaimed cutter lines with Cricut Create. Known to provide only the best when it comes to the world of arts and crafts, Cricut has done it again with their new cutting machine in Cricut Create. Loyal fans of the brand will still enjoy the same cutting and designing techniques as what they have always loved with Provo Craft products. The only thing that is different is that, the challenge of creativity is now doubled compared to before. A lot of individuals are now able to make use of newly designed cartridges especially for those with Cricut Create.

The Cricut Create has a unique combination unlike other products from the same line. When compared to the Cricut Expression, the cutter machine under Cricut Create almost has the same functionality as that of Expression’s. This makes it easier for a lot of people to adapt to the new device presented by the company. What’s even better is that it also bridges the gap between Cricut Expression and the original Cricut by showcasing portability in the new Cricut Create. As what most experts say, having a machine from Cricut Create is like having both a cutting machine from the original Cricut and the Cricut Expression. For those who have always been faithful to each and every release of the company, this is indeed a wonderful opportunity to enhance the level of outputs brought about by these machines. The Cricut Creates is also sold with a free Don Juan font shape cartridge as well as a cutting mat that measures around six by twelve inches. As soon as you buy your own machine, you can immediately set off to work with your new scrapbook or greeting cards. It also has a unique eight-way blade that is guaranteed to cut through any thick paper, regardless of the material. It still keeps the same center point and flip function as many people loved with Cricut Expression. If you are looking for the ultimate answer to your scrapbooking and paper design needs, you have it now with the new Cricut Create cutting machine.

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Base Camp Cricut Cartridge Review

As compared to ancient times, anyone today can do a very unique artwork without too much difficulty. That is because technology opened doors for art tools to be developed that will aid art fanatics in creating their very own masterpieces.

One of these latest innovations is the creation of the base camp cartridge that can help individuals in doing paper crafting easy. As a perfect art tool, this operates by automatically trimming papers into cool shapes and patterns. This helps reduce working time among individuals who loves and considers paper crafting as a fantastic hobby.

This superb invention is another brilliant idea of a master paper crafter, Heather Lancaster. She is a disciple of art since she was still in kindergarten. She loves colors, papers, and shapes. Her passion in cutting papers into different figures and sizes has become her inspiration in developing this unique cartridge that will help other art enthusiast in enhancing their work.

The base camp cartridge can be described as a formal unit of letters, numbers and symbols, since the characters were styled in a reserved manner. Curve lines and other fancy outlines were not utilized in designing the characters, but these characters can be arranged in different perspectives. That is, a user can either choose to arrange the letters to form words in a slanting position, or placed them in an alternating up-down order.

Some of the key features of the base camp cartridge include special keys that can cut the paper into several shapes, such as rectangle, dog tag, and tag. Other special keys that are included in the cartridge package are capable of enhancing the features of the characters, such as giving the letters, numbers, and symbol a shadow or a shadow blackout mode.

As with other cartridge, the base camp cartridge is also very useful in different projects. However, since it contains a more formal design, it is best to use for wedding invitations and anniversary greeting cards. But nevertheless, its purpose is not only limited to formal projects and it can be used to decorate notebook covers, diaries, photo album captions, posters, bulletin boards, party banners, and other greeting cards for special occasions.

The base camp cartridge is easy to use, and every package of it usually comes with a manual. It is very important to read the manual, because it outlines some useful tips on how to create layers using the foundation keys, and how to apply the special features appropriately.

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Zooballoo Cricut Cartridge Review

Zooballoo by David Walker is a cartridge that features – what else? – animals accompanying letters! In a wonderful, creative twist, Zooballoo combines the two, ending up with zany combinations of animals peeking out of individual letters. Aside from that, there are a couple of other unique features associated with the cartridge. First of all, the font is asymmetrical and informal, so the wackiness speaks for itself. Each letter may be accompanied by a certain distinct shape of an animal, from crocodiles, to lions to giraffes, or one may choose a distinctly different style such as Silhouette, Box, Card, Lower/Layer Shadow, Shadow and more. Those are examples of the special features only Zooballoo has. There are even phrases and scenes that can be cut, such as “It’s a party” or a series of mountains and/or waves.

The package comes with four equally important components: the cartridge itself, the manual, the keypad overlay and the binder. One can get to work immediately after laying down the keypad and installing the cartridge. Made by David Walker, a painter and artist all his life, Zooballoo reflects his former work on children’s books and greeting cards. He has had a special affection for dogs, cats and kids, and thus mostly dedicates the Zooballoo style to them.

Indeed, what better way to use Zooballoo than to cut out cute, animal-styled fonts for the most important child in one’s life? The catridge can be mostly used for greeting cards, invitations and scrapbook pages meant for children or animal-appreciating adults. Specifically, one has the perfect font when he or she wants to scrapbook a day in the zoo. Anything that has to do with animals already has the perfect font to complement wonderful pictures or drawings of various creatures.

All in all, an extensive myriad of styles can be used when dealing with Zooballoo. Want to jazz up a letter? Then place the shape of an animal next to, around, or in it. One can position the animal or style anywhere in such a way that customization is very much possible. A person doesn’t even have to use letters with animals all the time; he or she can just use animals and put them in colourful shapes. The inverse is also true when it comes to letters. All in all, the Zooballoo Cricut cartridge is the perfect cartridge for wacky people and animal-lovers everywhere.

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